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TREA: The Enlisted Association
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Awards Committee

The Awards Committee shall be chaired by the immediate Past National President and shall be composed of members from small, medium and large chapters and such others and members of the staff as may be necessary.  The committee shall select award recipients, coordinate preparation of awards, assist in awards presentations, and perform such other duties as may be required.



Chairman: IPNP Larry Hyland

Phil Hilinski


Staff Advisor: Susan Dunn


Committee Members


Hank Reisig


Thomas "Butch" Liebaert



Paul Ott

Ex-Officio: John I Adams

National President

2014 Award Winners


Special Awards, Group I:
Benjamin Pearson Award - Wally Jones, Chapter 80
TREA Founders Award - Dotty Holmes, Chapter 1
Honorary Life Member Award - David & Betty Funderburk
Alvino R. Gutierrez Americanism Award - Marvin Weaver, Chapter 1
TREA Member of the Year Award - Mel Yell, Chapter 1
Marjorie Holt Award - Roger Ehrke, Chapter 1
Award of Excellence - Rey Garate, Chapter 1

TREA National Chapter Awards, Group II:
Outstanding Large Chapter - Chapter 1
Outstanding Medium Chapter - Chapter 80
Outstanding Small Chapter - Chapter 119
Chapter President (Large Chapter) - Joseph Kluck, Chapter 1
Chapter President (Medium) -Walter "Don" Higginbotham, Chapter 80
Chapter President (Small Chapter) - Thomas "Butch" Liebaert, Chapter 119
Recruiter of the Year - Clayton Aaron, Chapter 39
Recruiter of the year - 1st runner up - Walter "Don" Higginbotham, Chapter 80
Newsletter - Large Chapter 1st Place - Chapter1
Newsletter - Medium Chapter 1st Place - Chapter 80
Newsletter - Small Chapter 1st Place – Chapter 77

Certificate of Commendation Awards, Group IV:
Nathaniel Benn, Chapter 24
Grant Goods, Chapter 24
Stephanie Dale, Chapter 24
Joseph D. "Joe" Cluck, Chapter 1
Daniel J. "Dan" O'Connell, Chapter 1
Marvin Weaver, Chapter 1
Dotty Holmes, Chapter 1
Rev. Bob Kwiatkowski, Chapter 1
Wally Jones, Chapter 1
Daniel P. "Dan" Watkins, Chapter 1
George Miles, Chapter 1
Roger Ehrke, Chapter 1
Rebecca "Becky" Kluck, Chapter 1
Pete Buist, Chapter 1
Rey Garate, Chapter 1
Mike Myers, Chapter 1
Dana G. Maddox, Chapter 1
Troy Magnuson, Chapter 119
Dean Miller, Chapter 119

Certificates of Achievement, Group IV:
Ralph Schonholz, Chapter 80
Antonio Mendiola, Chapter 80
Harold Moreland, Chapter 80
Larry Foster, Chapter 80
Raul Juarez, Chapter 80
James Scott, Chapter 80
Stanley Meyer, Chapter 80
Edward Valverde, Chapter 80
Oscar Pais, Chapter 80
Isaiah Clinton, Chapter 80
William Pool, Chapter 80
Ander Vanderryst, Chapter 80
Roosvelt Hale, Chapter 80
Johnny Soto, Chapter 80
Barry Rossow, Chapter 111
Susan Coulter, Chapter 74
Clair Rambo, Chapter 74
Charles Marshall, Chapter 74
Jessie Trotter, Chapter 74

Miscellaneous Awards:
President's Spirit Award - Shannon Benton, Executive Director/TSCL
President's Spirit Award - Aaron Reed, National Director
President’s Spirit Award - Louis Arana, Jr., President Chapter 58


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