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Serving The Total Enlisted Force

The Voice of the Enlisted

A Tax Deductible 501 (c) (19) Corporation

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TREA: The Enlisted Association
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Become a Chapter

10 Steps to Starting a New TREA Chapter


1. Determine the target area, not larger than 35 miles radius.


2. Assemble five position zip codes of target area and provide to CSU&A representative.


3. Form an organization committee of five individuals. Provide names and pone numbers to CSU&A representative.


4. TREA mails announcements to potential members with response certificate to Chairman.


5. Obtain meeting place and schedule "Kick Off Meeting". Provide info to CSU&A representative. TREA mails info.


6. Conduct "Kick Off Meeting", obtain volunteers (10), schedule 2nd meeting. TREA mails 2nd newsletter.


7. CSU&A Rep conducts 2nd meeting, temp officers appointed, schedule 3rd meeting. TREA mails 2nd newsletter.


8. Temp President conducts 3rd meeting (elections). Finalize plans for installation. TREA mails 3rd newsletter.


9. Installation of officers and banquet. Chapter receives TREA Charter.


10. Wrap up - start normal meetings and conduct normal businesses.



Chapter Start-Up & Assistance Committee



TREA Region Map 

TREA Region Map 

Contact Us

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Legislative Affairs Contact

1001 N. Fairfax Ave., Suite 102

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Phone: (703) 684-1981

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