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Legislative Update

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Update for July 18 (2)

Education Benefit for U.S. Military Families

After a while of doing this work you believe you know all the military and veterans benefits that are available. And then BOOOM one appears that you have never heard of appears. At a DoD/VA Survivors Forum last week there was a briefing on an intriguing education benefit for many members of the military and their families. It can be found at: It provides “individualized on-demand online academic support 24/7 to students in eligible U.S. military families around the world.”

This free and unlimited service is available to:

  • Active duty service members and all their dependents who are in grades kindergarten through 12th grade
  • Active full time member of the National Guard
  • Active time Army Reserve member
  • Part Time NG &/or Reserve Service member
  • Spouse and adult dependent of part-time member of the Guard or Reserve
  • Dependent children of DoD deployed civilians.

The tutoring service is one-to-one help with a live expert tutor online at any time of the day or night. So a student can get help with a math problem in his/her homework or preparing for SATs and other standardized elections. The tutors will help with Advanced Placement courses, will proofread a student’s paper, and help write college entrance exams and more.

Civilians have to pay $40 an hour for this service. But military students can use this without limitation and without cost. (Of course someone has to pay for it.  It is provided by DoD’s MWR library program, the Navy’s General Library program, the DoD Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program, the DoD Voluntary Educational Program and the Coast Guard’s Mutual Assistance. )

This is a real opportunity. We are sure that many of you will look into it. Again go to  by the Department of Program, the DoD Voluntary Education Program and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance



Vietnam Veteran awarded the Medal of Honor today


This morning President Obama presented the Medal of Honor to Lt. Col. (ret.) Charles Kettles for saving over 40 of his comrades almost 50 years ago.  In May of 1967Kettles was flying helicopters carrying in reinforcements and evacuation the wounded during combat near Duc Pho.


“Kettles repeatedly returned to a landing zone under heavy fire. He is credited with helping to save 40 soldiers and four members of his unit. During the final evacuation effort, he was advised that eight soldiers had been unable to reach the helicopters, so he returned without benefit of artillery or tactical aircraft support.”


His helicopter was hit by a mortar round that damaged the main rotor blade and shattered both front windshields. Small arms and machine gun fire also raked the helicopter.


"In spite of the severe damage to his helicopter, Kettles once more skillfully guided his heavily damaged aircraft to safety," the commendation said, "Without his courageous actions and superior flying skills, the last group of soldiers and his crew would never have made it off the battlefield."


When hearing in greater detail what Lt. Col. (Ret.) Kettles did President Obama said that it sounded like a bad Rambo movie. 


The Veterans History Project conducted a campaign to upgrade Kettles previously awarded Distinguished Service Cross. The Pentagon agreed he deserved the upgrade and then Congress passed legislation waiving the time limitation on the award and all of this led up to day.


Kettles reacted to the award by saying:” it's more a recognition of the entire 74 helicopter crew members….As far as I'm concerned, it belongs to them, not to me. Now, it can only be presented to one person and that happens to be me in this case. Each of those who are still above ground - who had a part in it - it belongs to them."



.Rep. Mark Takano becomes Acting Ranking Member of HVAC

After House Veterans Affairs Committee Ranking Member Rep. Corinne Brown (D-FL) was arraigned for 24- counts federal indictment for fraud and conspiracy she stepped down from being the Ranking Member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee.  She is running for her seat in a Florida primary set for August 30th


Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA) was named the Acting Ranking Member of the HVAC. Rep. Takano responded by saying:” I am humbled to assume the role of Acting Ranking Member of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, in accordance with the rules of the Democratic Caucus. I am committed to working with my colleagues to provide our nation’s veterans the care and support they deserve.”


TREA believes that there will be a contest for permanent Ranking (or Chairman depending on how the Congressional election plays out.)



Photo:Balancing a Chinook-U.S. Marines and Canadian soldiers participate in insertion-and-extraction training with a Canadian air force CH-147F Chinook helicopter during Rim of the Pacific 2016 at Camp Pendleton, Calif., July 15, 2016. The Canadian soldiers are snipers, pathfinders and reconnaissance members assigned to the 2nd Battalion Royal 22nd Regiment. Canadian forces photo by Sgt Marc-André Gaudreault


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